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Game Details

What is Diamond Crush?
Diamond Crush is a puzzle game to be released worldwide before the end of 2006 by the Italian Diamonds Team (tentative name), totally for free on different PC operating systems, under open source Public Domain license. The First Playable Version, a sort of pre-alpha for offline multiplayer gaming only, is already available for download for playtesting purposes.

Development details
The game has been developed using agile development methodologies, such as Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Extreme Programming (XP), both adapted to a context where the development team isn't located in the same place, but spread throughout a whole country (as Italy, in this case).

Gameplay details
The First Playable Version of Diamond Crush has a classic multiplayer puzzle game gameplay mechanics, with one grid per player, where pairs of colored pieces (Gems and Treasure Boxes, in this case) fall from above, and must be strategically placed to allow the player to delete them, and to fill up the opponent's screen with useless objects (Stones). The player whose grid will be totally full, preventing other pairs to be introduced, will lose the game. Other details regarding the other gameplay modes available in the final version are yet to be announced.

Default button layout
Commands Player 1 Player 2
Move left A Left arrow
Move right D Right arrow
Move down S Down arrow
Rotate anti-clockwise R , (comma key)
Rotate clockwise T . (full stop key)

The buttons refer to a "QWERTY" keyboard layout.

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